Golden Retriever Puppy Testimonials

We are proud to display the following unsolicited testimonials and photos that have been sent to us by our satisfied puppy buyers. We love to keep in touch with our Golden Retriever puppies once they join their new familes, whom we consider to be an extension of our own.

Golden Retriever Puppy Testimonial From Jackie Holliday


Not only is Sophie a good retriever, she was my husband’s therapy dog the last 2 months if his life. She never left his side, even when he was in the Inpatient Hospice and was with him when he passed. Now, she is my therapy dog …. I can’t imagine getting through this last year without her. This is my furbaby, Sophie. She is 2 years old. As you can see, she is a typical Golden and loves to retrieve. Doesn’t matter what … how big … how small. Sophie is the love of my life and I can’t thank Sunnye enough for bringing her into my life.

Jackie Holliday

Golden Retriever Testimonial From Michaela Baron


Hi its Michaela Baron!

I took home Levi from your litter that was born in march and I just wanted to let you know how good he is doing! Our beautiful little boy is such a blessing in the Baron household. He is doing great with his potty-training(no accidents in about 5 days!!!) and is a very healthy pup.

He is also doing a lot better with stopping his chewing on people hands. He has learned multiple tricks very quickly, such as sit, down, come, stay, and shake. He is very obedient most of the time and learns like a pro. He has been on several boat rides and has been very well behaved. He just learned how to swim yesterday and he absolutely loves it!! We live on Lake Dunlap so he will get plenty of that.

I also took him on a paddle board today and he was nervous at first but eventually laid down and enjoyed the ride. He has also made friends with our family friends’ pup and with our cat. He has a very spunky personality and always greets with a smile! He loves his bed that is in his crate so he has no problem sleeping through the night. We’ve had plenty of very eventful days and I hope he is enjoying himself as much as we enjoy his company.

He is growing up so fast!!!! We love our little Levi and we thank you so much for raising such beautiful, pure, goldens. Hope you are doing well with the next litter!!

Attached are some pictures (:

Thank you for all that you do!! We are very grateful to have our new family member(:

Michaela Baron